Skin product recommendations specific to your sign from Sinoz

It’s time for professional care for your sign with the skin care products of Sinoz, which combines the rich essences of nature with technology and produces in accordance with the needs of different skin types. Determining the skin care specifically for the skin type, Sinoz made special care offers for the zodiac signs. Here are 12 maintenance tips specific to 12 other zodiac signs, from the Fire cluster to the air.

Aries:The social, lively and extroverted Aries signs of the fire cluster Sinoz Bronzing Spray Sun OilEnjoy tanning by being protected from the sun this summer.

Taurus:Taurus, the signs that are fond of the comforts of the earth cluster and nature, Sinoz Rose Garden  Seriesenjoys the privilege of performing complete maintenance with

Gemini:Gemini, the air cluster fond of traveling, having fun and caring, Sinoz Anti-Blemish Sunscreen Protects their summer length skin with 50 SPF+. Sinoz Anti-Blemish Sun Cream 50 SPF+ for Oily Skin comes to the rescue of Gemini with oily skin.
Cancer:The emotional and domestic Cancer signs of the water cluster are the care they seek for their bodies. Sinoz Heavy Care Series finds with With Sinoz Nourishing Body Lotion, Sinoz Foot Care Cream and Sinoz Heavy Hand Cream, they have a well-groomed and fragrant skin.

Leo:For the flamboyant, energetic and hair care Leos of the fire cluster Sinoz Anti Hair Loss Shampoo exactly. Shining care comes with Sinoz 10% Heavy Vitamin C Serum for Leo, the representative of the sun.

Virgo:For Virgos, the soil cluster obsessed with hygiene and maintenance. Sinoz Purifying Clay Maskand Sinoz Care Mask is a very suitable product with its natural content and deep cleansing feature.

Libra:Libra, the aesthetic fearful signs of the air cluster, effective for wrinkles Sinoz Anti-Aging Care CreamShe enjoys looking young.

Scorpio:Scorpio, the mysterious and passionate sign of the water cluster, Sinoz Eyebrow and Eyelash SerumWith the smoothing effect of .

Sagittarius:The lively, active and practical members of the fire cluster, Sagittarius, With Disposable Face Care MaskHe simply takes care of his skin.

Capricorn:Capricorns, who value the health and personal care of the soil cluster, Sinoz Hygienic Care Package They find everything they’re looking for. Package; It consists of cologne, facial cleansing gel, hand cream and cleansing gel.

Aquarius:Aquarius, the pleasant and aesthetic-loving signs of the air cluster, Sinoz 24K Gold Beauty SerumIn , they have the real care work they are looking for.

Pisces:Pisces, the sensitive and emotional sign of the water cluster, Sinoz Aloe Vera Forest SeriesThey pamper themselves and find the positive energy they want.

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