Start the new year with smooth skin!

The most pleasant gift to your loved ones with easy-to-use and effective personal care items in the new year; You can gift them the time they need to focus on the truly precious moments in life. For ladies who want to prepare for the new year with a shining and flawless skin; Even on days when you are not ready for a long care routine, we have prepared products that will help you feel welcome and make your skin care routine more enjoyable, as well as epilation products. In their midst you will definitely find an option that suits you or your loved ones.


Cleaning the dirt, oil, make-up residues and dead cells accumulated on the skin surface is one of the most valuable steps for the skin to breathe and not be deformed. So, is hand cleansing enough to complete the cleansing ritual that your skin needs?

Why are facial cleansing devices more active against manual cleansing?

  • Although washing your face by hand during the day gives a feeling of purity, it is actually insufficient for deep cleansing. It is extremely valuable to purify your skin systematically from dead skin in order to open the pores, allow your skin to breathe and maintain its elasticity. However, the cleanness you make with your bare hands does not clean the dead skins.
  • Another of the daily face cleaning routines we have known since childhood is to open the pores with a hot towel, or rather, to think that we do it that much. It turns out that it is impossible to touch a towel to the face when it is hot enough to open the pores. Contrary to the manual method, even if it is possible to cleanse your skin of dead cells with a towel, pressing hard may cause irritation of your skin. Moreover, it is very difficult to prevent the formation of bacteria on the towel.
  • It doesn’t matter how smart your facial cleanser is or how miraculous your moisturizer is if it doesn’t meet the basic needs. The most adequate cleaning device; It should not only provide the balance in the middle of the least touch and the most pressure, but also help the absorption of moisturizing products by your skin.


Foreo Luna

Our offer for an adequate skin clearing device is the Foreo Luna series. Thanks to its non-porous silicone surface, which is rough for bacteria formation, Luna family products offer 35 times more hygienic cleanliness than a random nylon surface cleaning device. In addition, thanks to the T-Sonic vibrations it offers, it cleans dead skin cells in the most gentle way, and ensures that 99.5% of the dirt and oil accumulated on the skin are purified. Thanks to the USB cable, you can use your Luna device suitable for your skin type, which you can charge quickly, 450 times without the need for recharging. Moreover, thanks to its small size, it is possible to carry it with you anywhere.

Foreo Luna Small 2 Facial Cleansing Brush | Price: 999TL (6 different color options)

Innovative luxury care set for Christmas from LR Health & Beauty

The key to radiant and pleasant winter skin:ZEITGARD Arctic Winter Cure
Germany’s president direct sales company LR Health & Beauty is coming to complete your winter care with the ZEITGARD Arctic Winter Cure set, which is offered for sale in limited numbers for the new year. The set consisting of ZEITGARD Arctic Boost Elixir and ZEITGARD Night Mask, with its strong content coming from the poles against harsh cold, offers two-phase care.

1st phase of skin care:ZEITGARD Arctic Boost Elixir

Phase 1 consists of the restorative part to activate winter containment in the middle of day 1 and day 14. ZEITGARD Arctic Boost Elixir, which contains the protective proteins of the North Sea and consists of 14 capsules, activates the formation of the skin’s own protective shield and prepares you for the cold season in the most ideal form.

The product, which is applied as 1 capsule to the cleansed skin in the morning, strengthens the skin while repairing it.

Phase 2 for regenerative skin care:ZEITGARD Night Mask

After the use of ZEITGARD Arctic Boost Elixir is completed, the skin is renewed in order to maintain the winter defense in the 2nd phase, which starts from the 15th day. ZEITGARD Night Mask supports the skin’s regeneration process overnight. In order to achieve effective results, it is recommended to apply ZEITGARD Night Mask to cleansed skin in the evening, instead of night cream, 2 times a week until the effect is gone. After use, your skin becomes resistant to the negative effects of the winter season, while your skin care is completed.

LR Arctic Winter Cure Set Sale Price: 199.90 TL

Applying make-up to dirty skin triggers skin problems

Another valuable point about the purity of the skin is that applying make-up to dirty skin triggers skin problems. Make-up, which is made to look better every day with different materials and to emphasize the precious areas in the face contour, can actually cause some skin problems.


Kuka Peeling

It is one of the most valuable issues to clean make-up with products suitable for the skin, especially before going to bed. On the other hand, make-up that is applied over and over again without proper cleaning causes the pores to close nicely and especially triggers acne problems. In addition, with the peelings you will do once or twice a week, it is possible to clean your skin deeply and clean not only the residues accumulated in the pores with make-up, but also the structures that fill the skin due to environmental factors. If the make-up is applied to the skin, it will both get a smooth result and it will be possible to defend your skin from possible skin problems.

In particular, the peeling products, which provide a naive cleansing without causing any damage to the skin, allow you to clean your skin completely. For this, you can use natural artifacts made from pure silkworm cocoon. Kuka Peeling, which is in the middle of Doctor B Active Cosmetics products, is in the middle of peelings that you can use with confidence thanks to its 100% Turkish Made and natural content. Doctor B Kuka Peeling contains pure silk cocoon, 97% natural protein and amino acids.

Suggested selling price for Kuka Peeling consumer: 69TL

Pamper yourself not only for skin purity, but also while taking care of the body!

LR Health & Beauty is running to the aid of those who are looking for treats for their loved ones with the Plummy Cream Dream set, produced in limited numbers for the New Year. Reflecting the exciting spirit of the New Year with its colorful design, Plummy Cream Dream set completes your entire body care with the shower gel, body peeling and body cream included.


Plummy Cream Dream Set

Plummy Cream Dream Shower Gel While gently cleansing the skin, the almond milk in it softens the skin and beautifies your day by giving strength with its scent. It is the second step of body care and is in the middle of the bathroom routine. Plummy Cream Dream Body Peeling Contains natural purifying particles for a smooth finish. While the skin is renewed by being purified from dead cells, it becomes soft. The last step of body care Plummy Cream Dream Body Cream On the other hand, while offering a unique care especially for dry skin with its fruity scent, it nourishes and soothes the skin with the shea butter it contains. Plummy Cream Dream Set is a candidate to be the most special and dazzling treat of the new year.

LR Plummy Cream Dream Set Sale Price: 119.90 TL

It’s time for epilation…

Braun Silk-épil 9 SensoSmart SkinSpa Wet and Dry Epilator set
SensoSmart™ technology helps you epilate by applying optimum pressure, and the light indicator guides you precisely while ensuring you don’t press too hard.


Braun Silk-epil 9

Braun Silk-épil 9,It removes even the shortest hairs that wax cannot remove and offers smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

Thanks to its 100% waterproof feature, Braun Silk-épil 9 can be used for a more precise epilation in the shower or bath. With the new Silk-épil 9 SensoSmart™ SkinSpa, it adapts to your skin’s needs and curves for superior comfort and effectiveness, whether you’re exfoliating, massaging, cleansing or epilating.

Braun Silk-épil 9 SensoSmart SkinSpa Wet and Dry Epilator Comfort Set/9-990 | Price: 759 TL

FaceSpa Pro facial epilation, cleansing and skin rejuvenation all in one!

Braun’s 3-in-1 mid-range device with replaceable nozzles and two-stage speed adjustment brings an exciting new twist to your skincare routine.


Braun FaceSpa Pro

Braun FaceSpa Pro brings your beauty routine one step closer to perfection with its new ergonomically designed MicroVibration head, as well as facial epilation head and cleaning brush to meet changing skin care needs.

Inspired by Japanese skincare with gentle movements, the MicroVibration firming metal head is non-absorbent and creates a micro-vibration effect on the skin; It makes gentle touches so that your creams and serums can be applied better.

The MicroVibration tightening metal head creates 25 micro vibrations per second with its ultra-delicate, high-speed and rhythmic motion, allowing the cream or serum to be distributed more evenly on the skin, providing a shining appearance without wasting a drop of these precious works.

Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Facial Epilation, Cleansing and Skin Revitalization System | Price: 349 TL

Fast & permanent hair removal

Braun Silk-expert 5

Silk-expert 5 in Braun’s IPL portfolio offers 300,000 shots in a lifetime of 15 years for full body application or 35 years when used on legs, bikini and underarms. With the Braun Silk expert 5 clinically tested for safe and effective residential use, you can notice a noticeable hair reduction after four weeks of application.

With Sliding mode, you can trigger more strobe lights and have less skipped area for an unmatchedly fast and efficient IPL process.

Braun Silk-expert 5 BD5001 | Price: 1,675.49 TL

Easy to use, effective and permanent smoothness


Braun Silk-expert 3

With the new Silk-expert 3, Braun is expanding its IPL portfolio for long-lasting smoothness in the home. With its 250,000 light pulse capacity, it has a lifetime of up to 12 years in whole body application. With its new design and user-friendly price, the usual, gentle, extra gentle and sliding modes found in Silk expert 5 are also available in Braun’s Silk-expert 3 version.

New Silk-expert 3 BD3001 | Price: 835 TL

We have another practical and fast offer for hair removal for women!

Whether in daily life or traveling, today’s women care about their smooth skin, everywhere, in all seasons. Gillette Venus™, which offers practical offers for women who want to feel even more comfortable on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, promises comfort as well as painless and effortless smoothness.

Gilette Venus Breeze

According to research, 81 out of every 100 women feel much more comfortable after a smooth shave, even if they wear pants. Gillette Venus™, which offers smoothness to women in every season and everywhere, offers golden offers for those who want to enter the new year by getting rid of the roughness on their skin and head.

1. Say goodbye to dead cells: Using a quality razor in the shower removes dry, dead skin layers, leaving behind a silky soft skin. Use a razor that takes the utmost care of your skin for wonderful smoothness even in the winter months of the new year.

2. Do not dehydrate your skin: Drinking water also makes your skin dry. If you drink about 8 glasses of water a day, you will feel more energetic in your winter activities.

3. Use warm water instead of hot water: On cold days, a shower with plenty of steam can be enjoyable, but too much contact with hot water dries your skin and can cause redness and itching; these make you feel uncomfortable. Instead of increasing the water temperature in the shower or bath, prefer warm water, and then rinse your skin with a little colder water.

4. Pamper your skin: In cold weather, the skin is prone to hardening. Rub the dead skin with a body peeling that you can use in the shower or bath. Keep the points that require more care, especially elbows and knees, as soft as baby skin all winter. Pamper your skin with a moisturizing-rich body lotion. Get smooth skin by applying the lotion while your skin is still damp after a warm shower or bath.

5. Your skin is your most beautiful outfit: Do not let the hairs make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in winter. With Gillette Venus™ Comfortglide Breeze, which can be used without the need for shaving gel or soap, get rid of both your hair and your dead skin in a single step.

Gillette Venus™Comfortglide Breeze | Price 44.90 TL