Summer is coming, now it’s time for natural makeup!

Summer means natural makeup

Gather around, we’re doing natural makeup! I’m sure you don’t want to put on heavy make-up while the summer season is coming. In summer, we tend to make soft-toned and bright skin-looking make-ups. Blush, pink, peach-toned lipsticks, bronzers, highlighters are in the middle of our favourites. Let’s see how we can make more natural makeup using these tools.

BB cream application

If you’ve decided to do natural make-up, it’s time to set aside foundations! Complete choices for BB or CC cream summer. Since BB creams are thin, you will prevent your pores from closing and you will have a lighter make-up.

Eye makeup in peach tones

If you want to make up “as if it doesn’t exist”, you should avoid heavy eye make-up. It is best to make choices in peach or dried rose tones. While using these tones, distribute your eyeshadow properly with the help of a brush. A uniformly distributed difference provides a more natural look.

One coat of mascara

For lashes that do not stick to each other and look natural, you should apply a single layer of mascara. If your lashes still stick together, you can get rid of the lashes by combing your lashes with an eyebrow brush or a finished mascara brush.

Rose lipsticks

Lipstick is the most obvious and indispensable part of our make-up. For a natural look, the choice of lipstick is very valuable. My suggestion is that you prefer dry rose tones. It will not look too exaggerated and will add a natural air to your make-up!

Blush is a must

Yes girls, blush is a must for natural make-up! Blush with pink undertones will make your cheeks look slightly flushed from the sun. Using blush at the same time eliminates the dull, pale appearance on the face and gives your skin a lively look.