Sustainability is living in a way that protects people and nature. Especially recently, awareness of sustainable living is increasing; It has entered the middle of the world’s most talked about agenda… If we humans continue our current lifestyle and consumption habits, global problems such as climate change and environmental pollution will continue to emerge. There are things we can all do to prevent the world from becoming uninhabitable. We can start by adopting more conscious and environmentally sensitive consumption habits. Consciously choosing the care artifacts we use can enable us to take another positive step for the future of our world.

We talked to Gamze Biran Yenigün, who adopts an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle, about how we can reduce our negative impact on the world, sustainability and sustainable care.

What is your intention about sustainability?
The world’s resources are limited, and we spend more than we need every day and we consume it constantly. It is in our hands to leave a more livable world to future generations and to ensure that they use these resources, and I think everyone should take responsibility for this.

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly in all areas of life is very valuable for a smoother future. What is your approach to sustainable hair care products? What do you pay attention to when choosing your care products?
Sustainability starts with us, with the choices we make, the products we use… Let us all make choices that are sensitive to the environment and nature.

When choosing maintenance works; We should consider many aspects such as the brand’s sensitivity to the environment, its packaging being respectful to nature, its ingredients being natural, no animal testing, ethical production, efficient use of resources, supporting social solidarity, and waste management, and we should make our choices accordingly.

Considering that big changes happen with small steps; What are your tips to get started for those who want to adopt a sustainable understanding in their pleasantness routine?

Our first goal should be to reduce consumption, and for this, we should choose truthful and effective works and prevent overconsumption. Changing our habits is also a valuable step towards adopting sustainability, using solid shampoos instead of shampoos, knitted fibers instead of nylon fibers, bamboo brushes, etc. Small steps will help us make big changes.

A strong bond has been established between you and Yves Rocher. What were the things that drew you to the brand?

I met Yves Rocher a long time ago. In a short time, it has become one of my indispensables with its works, contents and its respectful stance to nature. The fact that he always renews himself and takes great steps for the world has also strengthened the bond between us.

Yves Rocher Botanical Baume Ultra Repairing, Protecting and Anti-frizz Styling Conditioner You have experienced. Can we learn about the details that caught your attention and your first impressions?
The best part of the product is that you can both care and repair your hair and shape it with a single piece of work. If you are one of those who say that one piece can do everything instead of different works, I think you will love it.

It was also a wonderful work for my damaged hair, which was dry from the sea and the sun. I also apply it at night when I go to bed, when I get out of the shower or before I leave the house, it quickly applies to my hair and helps me start the day in a practical way. And my hair, which is always electrified, is now soft…

Project manager: Deniz Unaldi
Photo: Erman Istahli
Styling: Eda Isbilir
Project editors: His Haksun, Buse Saray
Video: Creafilm
Hair: Ferit Muhakkak / No21 Istanbul
Makeup: Ahu Aydemir
Photo Assistant: Esra Topal
Styling Assistant: Elif Yelda Tabur
Light assistant: Furkan Fabric / Digioneplus

We went on a journey in nature with Gamze Biran for Yves Rocher’s new Botanical Baume series. We invite you to be a partner in this experience!

Shirt and Pants: Roman
Sweater on the Shoulder: Academia/ Beymen

Dress: Siedres
Necklace: Pearly&More
Bracelets: Juju

Jacket: RejinaPyo, V2k Designers
Hat: Nisse
Rings: Ekria
Bracelets: Juju

“Changing our habits is also a valuable step towards adopting sustainability.”

Jumpsuit and Short Top: Nisse
Sandals: Cansuxi
Bracelets: Juju

“The world’s resources are limited and we spend more than we need every day and we consume it constantly. It is in our hands to leave a more livable world to future generations and to ensure that they benefit from these resources, and I think everyone should take responsibility for this.”Gamze Biran’s words with high awareness inspire us to take action starting today.

Dress: H&M
Bracelets: Juju

Gamze Biran experienced the Ultra Repairing, Protecting and Anti-frizz Styling Conditioner in the Yves Rocher Botanical Baume series.

Yves Rocher Botanical Baume’s Repairing, Protecting and Frizz-Reversing Styling Conditioner has many benefits and uses, as the name suggests.

Repairing, protecting and shaping the frizz axis hair care cream provides multi-purpose care that helps repair and nourish damaged hair. Its formula with organic Jojoba regenerates and repairs hair. According to the instrumental test result, it helps you have 30 times stronger and stronger hair. The cream with a fragrant, melting balm texture provides 8 hours of restorative care when used as a night care.

The conditioner can be used for heavy restorative care before sleep, for daily care for dry hair, for protecting, nourishing and styling damp hair, and for smoothing and removing frizz in the final touch after styling.