The 5 most used medical aesthetic applications

Medical aesthetic applications, which achieved results in a short time without the need for a surgical process, became the center of attraction for the changing beauty trends. In determining these applications, instead of focusing on a specific area of ​​the face, systematic, holistic, small touches that are planned according to the emotional needs of the person come to the fore. While the experts draw attention to the fact that the emotional expectations of the patients should be understood accurately by the doctor, the concept of the emotional codes of the face in medical aesthetics becomes a valuable guide in this regard.

Answering frequently asked questions about the changing perception of pleasantness and the latest trends. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Aysegul Saltatgave new information about dermal filler applications that have come to the fore in the last period.
1. Chin border filling for chin and chin border

jawline filler; By beautifying the front jaw, the angle at the corner of the posterior jaw and the border connecting the two, it provides a clearer and sharper contour, while reducing the appearance of the jowl. With this application, which eliminates the age-related sagging of the chin border, the lower part of the face is clarified, resulting in a thinner and younger appearance.

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ayşegül Saltat stated that it is important to clearly define the chin and chin border for a younger look and said, “One of the most valuable modules of the holistic approach is the chin border. In people with short and backward jaw bones, signs of aging and excess jowl area are seen earlier and more.
2. Under-eye filling applications and temple filling for the eye area

Eyes and the eye area are the areas most affected by facial expressions and chronological aging and photoaging. Stating that it is possible to fill the temples with facial fillers containing hyaluronic acid and to camouflage the pitted circles under the eyes and even the bags, even if they seem to be in contrast, Dr. Ayşegül Saltat says that with the application of under-eye filler, the vascular structure in this area attracts less attention, and the skin, whose consistency is suitable and whose moisture is increased, looks brighter. The temple filling, on the other hand, draws the upper part of the eyebrow and the outside of the eye, without spoiling the expression in any way.
3. Botox applications for the nose

Dr. Ayşegül Saltat said, “With a 10-minute application, it is possible to eliminate or reduce the defects in the nose area, which is in the middle of the face and attracts the most attention. In this way, people who do not want surgery, cannot decide, or young patients who want to save time can have a more pleasant nose.
4. Volumetric dermal fillers with Hyaluronic Acid for the mid face and cheek

Protruding cheekbones are considered an indispensable module of pleasantness. However, as the facial bones and soft tissues lose volume as they age, cheekbones may lose their clarity and skin quality deteriorates; sagging and wrinkles begin.

While volumetric dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid replace the lost volume of the face, it becomes possible to regain the moisture lost to the skin with thinner fillers.

Dr. Saltat said, “With cheek filling, the face gains volume again and lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. After this application, the mid-face area becomes voluminous, and the cheekbones gain a more prominent appearance and a lifting effect occurs in the lower parts of the face.
5. Lip fillers

Plump, proportional and clearly contoured lips are also a valuable part of facial aesthetics. Congenital or over time, the lip may become more voluminous, disproportionate or unknown than desired. While the jawbones that support the lips from below shrink, the upper lip curls inward, thins and flattens with the effect of gravity. Together with the lines forming around it, these changes result in an older image.

With the filling curve applied to the lip area, both the lips are given volume and the lip lines can be eliminated. A smooth and youthful appearance is possible with fuller, symmetrical and prominent lips.

The permanence of the filler varies depending on the age of the patient, the structure of the lip, the quality and size of the filler used.