Many people who do not know what kind of process awaits them after hair transplantation are still undecided about this operation. Dr. from Estetistanbul Medical Center, the common questions of patients. We asked Hamid Aydın;

Is hair transplantation an operation to be feared?

Hair transplantation is not an operation to be feared when compared to other aesthetic applications. Because it is a process performed under local anesthesia and the patient is awake. The vast majority of patients think that it is a painful process that requires it to be done under general anesthesia, as it turns out that hair transplantation is a comfortable surgical operation performed under local anesthesia. For this reason, in my opinion, it is not an operation to be feared.

Patients are curious about the post-operative process. For example, there is information circulating about not sleeping for days. Is there any sense of reality?

Of course not. It is possible to sleep restlessly for a few days after the operation, which is natural. You have had an operation and you are mentally careful not to damage your hair while you are asleep. This results in a situation where your sleep turns into a little light sleep. Patients can sleep comfortably by wearing a neck pillow after the operation.

Is the neck pillow a pedestal?

Not necessarily. Some patients can achieve one-to-one comfort by folding a towel in a roll and wrapping it around their neck. The aim is to protect the planting area, to prevent it from touching a place such as pillows and quilts.

So, is it necessary to use a drug after hair transplantation?

Yes, it is necessary to write a prescription to the patient after hair transplantation. This prescription includes antibiotics, painkillers and three drugs that relieve edema. It is necessary to explain in detail to the patient how they should be used after hair transplantation. Preferably, images containing these recommendations can be more permanent. In this way, the patient finds the chance to listen to these recommendations whenever he wants. It is also very useful to give notes containing the answers to the questions that may be stuck in the patient’s mind again.

Is it obvious that hair transplant was done in the following days?

It’s an operation after all. For this reason, it is normal for those who see hair transplantation to be understood during the healing period of the wounds. This is a short time. In the first three days, the planting area becomes a different color due to redness, but after the fourth day, this color starts to return to normal. What is meant by returning the color to normal is that it turns into the same color as the face color. After the first week, the wounds become crusted and some crusts even begin to fall off. It is more difficult to understand that the hair that comes to this step is now the transplanted hair.

Do the materials used have an effect on this process?

A very pertinent question. Yes there is. The materials used especially in the removal of roots and opening of channels are extremely valuable. The materials preferred here are extremely effective on the late or early healing of wounds. The re-selected materials also affect the presence of bleeding and the purity of the image. For this reason, choosing the right material is a factor that has an effect on the rapid recovery of everything.

What can patients do about it?

They can ask. This is the most practical way. It would be best for them to do a proper research, take notes of such questions while going to the doctor’s examination and ask them to their doctors.

When can patients return to work?

After the first wash, which is done two days after the operation, patients can return to office work. We do not want them to do heavy work during this time. We even recommend that they stay away from heavy sports activities. In fact, in today’s business world, employees are naturally moving away from jobs that can be considered heavy. Therefore, this situation is generally not a problem for our patients. As standard, we tell patients they need a three-day absence from work.

Finally, can you talk about the hair growth process?

Of course. Hair starts to grow three months after planting and it takes an average of one year to complete the regrowth process. In the 6th month of this period, more than half of the hair has grown. We still recommend waiting a year for a real result.