Tighter skin with 3 minutes of face yoga every day

It is possible to have a tighter skin with 3 minutes of face yoga a day. What you need to do for this is very easy. With facial yoga techniques that will increase the benefit of your skin care products, you can train your facial muscles in a more appropriate form, thus increasing your skin firmness.

Benefits of face yoga:

  • It allows us to use your facial muscles in a more appropriate form.
  • When done regularly, it increases skin firmness.
  • It increases the pleasantness of the skin when applied with skin care products.
  • When applied with products, blood circulation and collagen production are regulated.

Well, for which problem? face yoga you will apply the techniques. For this, the word, or rather the application To Zeynep Şensoy, Specialist of Face Yogawe leave.

For the care of your first lines around the eyes:

  • Apply your energizing eye cream under your eyes with fingertip movements. Draw real to your temples by gently applying pressure with your fingers under your eyes.

Product recommendation: L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm – Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

For droopy eyelids and crow’s feet:

With the help of your index fingers, you can get rid of the unwanted lines that appear around your eyes with a few minutes of yoga movement by applying the top error-free application from the end of your eyebrows.

For this, gently massage your eye cream with your fingers and apply it with massage movements from the end of your eye to the under your eyebrow.

For tiredness and dark circles around the eyes:

For dark circles, which are mostly caused by insomnia and environmental factors, add the training you will apply to your care ritual with the help of your fingers to draw your eye shape from your eye springs to the outside.

  • Take your eye cream on your fingertips.
  • Apply pressure around the eyes with your index and thumb.
  • Then, with the thumb and forefinger of one hand starting at the corner of your eye, draw the truth out of your eye with light pressure to draw around your eye.
  • Do this a few times each day while applying your eye cream.

Product recommendation:

L’Occitane Divine Eye Balm
Anti-aging eye cream

For your smile lines and cheekbones

Mix your face serum and cream on your hand. Apply with real gentle pressure on your ear, quickly under your cheekbones.

In order not to deepen the facial expressions on your forehead:

Mix your hyaluronic acid and immortelle-containing cream and serum. Apply by swiping the truth from the middle of your two eyebrows to your palm to your forehead.

For your neck and décolleté:

  • For a tight neck and a smooth décolleté area, apply your anti-aging moisturizing cream containing immortelle and essential oil on both sides of the neck area from top to bottom and top to bottom.
  • Then raise your chin with the Giraffe movement and wait for a while in this form.
  • Then bring your chin real close to your chest for a short time to relax the horn and quickly then return to the normal position.