Trend alert: bohemian headbands

A woman most probably feels like a ‘princess’ only on her wedding day. The spirituality of the situation aside; That ceremony, that glamor, that wedding dress, that hair and make-up, in short, everything prepares you for the ‘princess’ position for this night, months in advance. However, it should not be forgotten that trends give direction to this office as well.

Yes, when the wedding dress is the subject of speech, dreams are valuable, not following fashion-trends; Even if you choose to be a bride like Grace Kelly, you’ll dazzle everyone. However, we’ll let you know what’s up, the decision is yours.

Trend alert says, bohemian brides are coming! Yes, let alone bohemian wedding dresses with their style and argument, hair accessories are the most precious complement to this look. It will never happen without them. Crowns, combs, flowers, tulle, hats are not the subject of speech this time. A small mix of accessories supposedly: tulle headbands with stone buckles. Its harmony with the messy bun and braids is perfect. His posture is perfect. Stylish and methodical.

Keep in mind brides-to-be!

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