Trend hair colors of 2022

Although a trendy hair part or dyeing at home may seem risk-free, it may always be appropriate to jump into colors that carry a little risk. That’s why the top experts in the department shared the best hair color of 2022 to help soften hair color tones. There really is a color for everyone this year. Keep reading for all the inspiration you need.

1 Darker blondes

Kelly Noonan, colorist of Fekkai Soho “We definitely see a lot of demand for darker blondes at the hairdresser’s.” In 2022, light blond individuals are demanding darker, more natural shades of blond. Hailey Barber is a complete example…

2 Honey color

noonan, “Say goodbye to dark colors. This trend was everywhere in the 2000s.”noonan, “Warm-toned highlights, gold and caramel tones will make a big comeback for the hair, which is less maintenance and makes it look healthier.”

3 Brightness

Wella Professionals color trend expert Zoë Irwin, “People are really looking for that precious luxury look with their hair color. It’s all about adding a healthy shine to hair, giving hair colors a shiny and radiant look.” says. Shine is often a sign of health and wealth, so it’s no wonder people want to achieve this with their hair color. You can opt for healthy-looking shiny hair that you can see and feel with an ultra-natural color result.

4 Cinnamon color

By 2022 we may see a return to a lot of reddish hues. More cinnamon red… many models are turning to this color. It really harmonizes seasonal tones. It sounds fresh, lively and optimistic. The base of copper and red tones will be more golden.

5 Gray color

Irwin, “There is a trend that I call Statement Grey, where women are totally embracing their gray hair. It’s all about using your gray hair as a word.” he explains. This does not mean that you will not go to the hairdresser. You can cover your unwanted gray hair with 2022 trend colors.

6 Copper color

Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London “Copper has been a key trend throughout 2021 and will continue to strengthen in 2022. Even Barbie Ferreira has made a breakthrough lately”says. “Warm coppery tones are universally flattering and with so many copper tones to explore, there is an option for everyone!”