We tell you the ideal time to change your toothbrush!

Ideal time to change your toothbrush

1) Two months later

If the bristles are frayed or bent, it’s time to replace the old toothbrush with a new one. Research shows that if the toothbrush tip is damaged, the cavities on the teeth and gums will no longer be removed.

2 G after rip

From a cold or flu then bacteria or germs can get stuck in the toothbrush. Anyone who does not replace their toothbrush after an illness can expect a new infection from the toothbrush.

In principle, toothbrushes should be kept dry and airy at all times, but bacteria can survive for more than 24 hours at humidity levels like those found in the bathroom.

Clue:If several brushes are next to each other, they should not touch each other, as germs also spread from brush to brush. it may jump.

What happens if the toothbrush is not changed often enough?

Bacteria and fungi form on toothbrush bristles that are used for a long time. Thus, you experience oral health problems and your gums are damaged.

Damaged teeth cause gingivitis, and untreated gingivitis leads to tooth loss with nasty results over time.