What are 2021 hair braid models Dutch braid is one of them!

After the small braided hairstyles that we started to see slowly in 2020, other braiding models seem to mark the year 2021. Knitting models that do not require much effort, instead of blow-dried, form hair, are expected to continue to be the trend. Here are some of those knitting patterns…

french braid

One of the symbols of the relaxed image this year will be the French braid. With this knitting model, which offers a comfortable use and a romantic look, it is possible to walk around the house, sports, market quickly and everywhere all day without spoiling. Moreover, thanks to its messy appearance, you do not need to run away from the wind. If you wish, you can quickly tie the hair braid, which looks quite natural, without needing anyone.

African braid

We can already say that we will see African braids very often in 2021. Although it requires a long time and effort at first, dense braids, which are mostly preferred by long hair, do not require much care afterwards. Whether you want it done in a beauty center or you can do it at home, you can walk around the same way for days. You can also create a perfect style with these braids by using colorful beads and threads.

Double Dutch braid

The double Dutch braid is expected to be one of the hottest hairstyles throughout the coming year. This knitting style, which you can use with a hat or beret in the cold winter months, draws attention with its multi-sidedness. The Dutch braid is popularly known as the often contrasting French braid. Contrary braids that reveal your face also add a cool look.