What Are the Symptoms of Teething in Babies? How Easy is Teething?

Teething symptoms in babies What are they? Symptoms such as drooling, coughing, fever will occur, as well as insomnia, redness of the face and loss of appetite.

Teething symptoms in babiesare:

  • of babies during teething periods Fever occurs because the gums swell. It is quite dangerous for your baby to have a temperature above 38 at this time.
  • in babies  teethingThe increase in salivary secretions in cycles causes the intestines to move, and diarrhea can be seen in babies whose intestines are moving.
  • Babies salivate during teething periods.
  • Babies always need to bite something and scratch their gums with something in order to relax their gums more during teething periods.
  • During this period, babies can be limited and restless, as they may get hurt, and they may also experience sleep problems.
  • During this period, babies’ appetites may be off.
  • A rash may occur due to redness in the chin and face areas of babies.

What Should Be Done to Help Baby Teething?

your baby teethingHere are some things to do to help the baby in his period:

  • The food that the baby eats should be preferred warm and cold. Hot food consumption should be avoided.
  • The baby should be given food that he can chew and hold with his hand and scratch the gums.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the baby’s water consumption during this period.

Suggestion for Baby Scratching Gums

your baby scratching the gums Another method that can be used instead of teething tool is celery stalk. The washed celery stalk can be given to the baby after keeping it in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool.