What is gastric hernia, one of the symptoms of bad breath!

Stomach hernia, which is usually seen in middle-aged people; It consists of symptoms such as bad breath, gastric juice coming into the mouth, sudden coughing. Although there is no definitive treatment, those who suffer from gastric hernia should be careful about what they eat during the treatment process. Unknown facts about gastric hernia are in our news…

What causes gastric hernia?

The increase in abdominal internal pressure is the main factor in the formation of gastric hernia. Problems such as nausea, intestinal disorders, constipation, tension and cough are the causes of increased abdominal internal pressure.

Gastric hernia symptoms

Stomach hernia manifests itself with the following symptoms:

Bad smell in the mouth

The fact that leftovers and water in the stomach come into the mouth

Sudden coughing during sleep

Persistent throat infections

persistent pneumonia

Chest pain burning and burning

Gastric hernia treatment

There is no definite treatment for gastric hernia. Doctors recommend that those who suffer from gastric hernia follow the diets followed by patients with stomach ailments such as reflux and gastritis. Patients with gastric hernia should be extra careful in their movements such as sitting, lying and moving. They should definitely stay away from acidic drinks, butter and coffee.