What is skin fasting, also known as skin fasting?

Do you go too far in using skin care products? Is it exciting to use compelling new works? Well, does it upset you that your skin structure is negatively affected? Skin fasting or otherwise known as skin fasting recommends doing the opposite. How would you like to start the skin fasting, which has become a trend in a few years, and your skin’s own detox cleansing? Let’s get to the details…

What is skin fasting?

Skin fasting, also known as skin fasting, is giving your skin time to breathe, rest and reset. In this process, we need to moderate our skin care products and routine. In this way, we allow our skin to work in the form it was naturally intended for. This does not mean that we will completely remove skin care products from our lives. Sometimes, you can stop using just one artifact at a time in increments to test the one that best suits your skin type.

How is it applied?

I know it is very difficult, but we should not use anything other than cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen in our lives, and if you do not want to use sunscreen, you should also eliminate exposure to the sun. Apart from that, we need to use cleanser and moisturizer because if we stop washing our face with a cleanser, dirt, residue, make-up and oil will accumulate and cause more acne breakouts.

What skin types is it useful for?

Those with sensitive skin and dry skin can benefit from skin fasting. On the contrary, those with oily skin do not benefit… If you see an increase in inflammation, irritation and acne on your skin in the last period, you can give a skin fast a hit.