What is the Fiddy method in skin care?


We eliminate excess sebum accumulated in the pores! What you need for this is to use a BHA type care product that draws attention with its acidic structure. BHA is a kind of organic acid that is fat soluble. It is entirely up to you to make an application on your entire face or only regionally. Leave the work on your skin for 25 minutes and proceed to the second step.


Thanks to the BHA product, the excess sebum in the skin is broken down. At this stage, you do not clean your skin as you normally do. Instead, you should quickly apply a clay mask, so that we remove the residues such as sebum and dirt that have entered the pores from the area where they are filled. We wait for the time written on the clay mask you apply and then proceed to the rinsing process.


Time to purge! Using an oil-based cleanser on the treated area is a must for this method. After keeping the oil-based cleanser on the skin for about 15 minutes, massage your skin gently for five minutes and rinse with water. The aim here is to get the accumulated residues out again.


You can use whatever products you like to use in daily skin care. Fiddy’s goal is to clean the pores and deeply purify the skin. After cleansing your skin, use the product you want. Tonic, herbal water, serum, moisturizer… At this stage, you have the word for whatever purpose you normally use. Our offer is for a firming toner followed by a cream that protects from environmental dirt.


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