What you need to know to use makeup brushes for a long time

Makeup brushes are works that vary in structure and quality compared to their price range. Taking care of it according to the bristle structure will be the first rule of long-term use. When washing make-up brushes made of real bristles, you should prefer non-chemical natural cleaners. Distortions are less in synthetic makeup brushes, but you cannot get the quality effect of real brushes.

Storing Brushes

It will not be suitable to carry in your make-up bag to prevent breakage and deterioration of its structure. In case of travel, you need to buy a special brush bag. The quality of use of brushes whose structure is deteriorated will decrease.

Washing the Brushes

When you wash the brushes with face wash gel, you can quickly get rid of make-up residues. Brushes that do not accumulate artifacts become more useful. Brushes that are not cleaned regularly can cause bacteria production on the skin.