Whenever the wisdom tooth is pulled out, it is buried…

Finally, the last teeth that erupt at the age of 20 are called wisdom teeth. We believe that the wisdom teeth do not have a place in the mouth and cause the other teeth to be bent, and we go to the dentist with the intention that they should be removed as soon as they come out. So when should wisdom teeth be extracted? Dentist Mahmut Genç gave valuable information about 20-Year-old teeth.

In humans, it is basically said from the presence of 20 deciduous teeth and 32 permanent teeth. These teeth come to function by driving into the oral environment at different times. The swaying and falling of milk teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth begin at the age of 6 and continue and end with the eruption of the last teeth at the age of 20.


Our last teeth that erupt at the age of 20 are called 20-year-old teeth, based on the eruption age. Depending on the jaw width, tooth size and the angle of incidence of the tooth, these teeth are sometimes buried in the oral environment as usual, but many times they remain buried.


Routine inspections of these teeth should be done until around the age of 20. The removal of a tooth that continues to erupt normally and will function in the mouth with a wrong decision will cause unnecessary tooth loss. The information that every 20-year-old tooth should be extracted is wrong. While making the extraction decision, the possible future position of the tooth, its relation with the side teeth and bone condition should be taken into consideration.

When it is necessary to extract an impacted wisdom tooth, with a minor surgical procedure, a qualified dentist will remove the tooth from the impacted area and perform the surgical procedure. The difficulty or ease of tooth extraction is related to the position of the tooth. With its general prestige, the extraction of a 20-year-old female cannot be called difficult.

During the extraction of these teeth, what we call the alveolar border is the distance between the end of the tooth passing through the root level and the tooth to be extracted. In the wisdom teeth adjacent to the nerve, precautions should be taken before extraction and processes should be carried out if necessary. As a result of the destruction of this border, permanent numbness will occur in the lip and chin area.