Why oral and dental health is important during pregnancy, experts warn!

The sudden increase in hormones during pregnancy can also cause various problems on dental and oral health. Stating that our saliva becomes more acidic during pregnancy, Dentist Denizhan Uzunpınar said, “In cases where oral hygiene is not adequately provided, gum diseases and caries may develop,” and gave very valuable warnings to expectant mothers.

1-Increased hormones make gums sensitive

The sudden increase in hormone levels increases the tendency to gingivitis. If the plaque accumulating on the teeth and gums is not cleaned properly, gingivitis and pregnancy tumor may develop in the gums. Pregnant women with significant gingival disorders that were not treated before pregnancy are at risk of having a preterm or low birth load baby. For this reason, it is valuable to have a good oral hygiene routine and gum treatments before pregnancy.

2-Saliva becomes more acidic

Vomiting, especially in the first periods of pregnancy, can create an acidic environment in the mouth and cause abrasions, sensitivities and cavities in the teeth. Brushing quickly, especially after vomiting, can increase tooth surface wear. For this reason, the mouth should be rinsed with plenty of water after vomiting and the teeth should be brushed after half an hour. Moreover, the more acidic properties of saliva during pregnancy make the teeth more prone to caries. Since the formation of new caries can be prevented with correct oral care, it is valuable for the expectant mother to have her oral care in the pre-pregnancy order.

3-The gums increase bleeding

The expectant mother who has bleeding gums and sensitivity problems in her teeth can avoid brushing her teeth. In cases where oral hygiene is not adequately provided, gum diseases and caries may develop.

4-Eating foods increase the risk of tooth decay

Changing dietary habits and frequent consumption of caries-causing foods (frequent middle meals and increased consumption of sweet foods, such as dried fruit) increase the risk of dental caries. For this reason, it is very valuable to provide real oral hygiene after the consumption of these foods.