When we say vitamin effect in skin care, the first thing that comes to our mind is the brightening Vitamin C and the retinol cornerstone Vitamin A. Did you know that Vitamin E, which is ignored more than once, is just as effective? E-Vitamin, which is in the rank of the inner hero of the skin care department, reverses the negative effects of environmental factors and gives your skin a much younger and vigorous appearance. In this article, you can see everything you need to know about the silent hero Vitamin E, which is very likely to be in the care products you use on a daily basis. It’s time to put your Vitamin E in the spotlight!


Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, protects your skin from free radical damage. Known as ‘tocopherol’ on a more technical level, Vitamin E refers to a family of ingredients while simultaneously representing a cluster of fat-soluble antioxidants umbrella. The most common versions of Vitamin E in skin care are alpha-rocopherol and tocopherol acetate.


Having a number of science-reinforced benefits when used topically, Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals while simultaneously preventing signs of aging such as the fine line brought by the diminishing collagen. Named ‘Photo-protectant’, E-Vitamin rewinds the harmful effects of sun rays by supporting cell beautification. When combined with Vitamin C, E-Vitamin, which improves its absorption and ability to reduce UV effects, also smoothes hyperpigmentation, cracks and scars. According to research, the E-Vitamin, which deals with wrinkles, traps moisture to protect the vitality of your skin.


Vitamin E is usually produced in the form of oil or cream. E-Vitamin, which is also found in less concentrations in serums, anti-aging creams and face masks, combines with Vitamin C to increase the absorption rate of the skin.


Despite its many benefits, Vitamin E is not recommended for all skin types. If you have very oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin, using Vitamin E topically can increase these complaints. If you have a sensitive skin, you can choose E-Vitamin, which is safe to use in general, among lighter formula moisturizers.

If you are ready to include Vitamin E in your skin care routine, you can review the works we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.


Ultra Facial Toner, $189 KIEHL’S kiehls.com.tr

This milky tonic, which has a gentle and effective formula, soothes the skin while moisturizing it and cleans the residues on the skin surface. Containing squalane, apricot kernels, Vitamin E and avocado oil, this toner provides a smooth appearance while maintaining pH stability to protect the skin’s natural barrier.

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Irilys Gommage Eclat Face Care Gel, 149 TL METHODE JEANNE PIAUBERT sevil.com.tr

This exfoliant gel, which gives your skin extra softness, offers a double-acting peeling to complete the skin purity. With its foaming effect and small particles, this gel, which cleanses the skin from dead cells and smoothes it, contains Vitamins E and C.

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Vitamin Moisturizer and Makeup Kim, 355 TL BOBBI BROWN bobbibrown.com.tr

Enriched with Shea butter, this work brings together B, C and E-Vitamins under the same roof. This work, which revitalizes the skin with grapefruit and geranium, acts as both a moisturizer and a make-up set.

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E-Vitamin Serum, 399 TL ALPHA-H sephora.com.tr

This serum, which provides long-term care and moisturization to the dry skin that needs to be moisturized, contains E-Vitamin, an essential antioxidant. This work, which cares while beautifying the skin, gives your face a smooth appearance.

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E-Vitamin Oil Serum, 149.90 TL THE BODY SHOP thebodyshop.com.tr

This serum oil, which creates an 8-hour pleasant sleep effect on the skin, is renewed while refreshing the skin. Containing wheat germ oil, this serum is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling on your skin.

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Revitalizing Supreme+ Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream, 249 TL ESTEE LAUDER esteelauder.com.tr

Supporting the natural activation of the skin, this multi-target cream fights the negative effects of environmental factors, tension and age. While deeply moisturizing your face, this cream, which reveals the youthful glow with its cod extract, soothes your skin and increases its resistance with its E-Vitamin content.

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Confort Extreme Soin De Jour Day Cream, 1,895 TL SISLEY brandroom.com.tr

This cream, which is effective in skin dryness caused by cold and dry weather especially in winter months, soothes your skin with linden flower and hibiscus extracts. This cream, which repairs and strengthens the skin barriers with the E-Vitamin obtained from the plum kernel, moisturizes your skin and makes it look firmer.

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Advanced Genifique Sensitive, 710 TL LANCOME lancome.com.tr

Revealing the youthful glow, this work challenges sensitive skin days with a single touch with its dual concentrated formula. Containing ferulic acid and vitamin E, this serum strengthens your skin barriers from the first use.

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Creme De La Mer, 6,119 TL LA MER beymen.com

Offering a miraculous blend with its intense and powerful properties, this moisturizing cream contains Seaweed, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Lecithin, Vitamins C, E and B12, Citrus Oil, Eucalyptus, Wheat Seed, Clover and Sunflower. This cream, which provides a comprehensive care while deeply moisturizing your skin, is ideal for cold and dry winter days.

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Immortelle Divine Cleansing Balm, 380 TL L’OCCITANE loccitane.com.tr

This cream, which removes make-up and dirt from your skin with its oil-based cream structure, removes all residues, including strong make-up, into water without drying your skin. This product, which offers an anti-aging care with the E-Vitamin in its content, gives your skin a smooth, clear and illuminated texture.

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