Aside from being a celebrity, we can objectively say without hesitation that January Jones has flawless skin. However, the reason for this is the works of luxury he uses. Agreeing that her routine is very luxurious, Jones shared the care products she used for the winter months and we have to say that the total of this routine is over 10,000 TL!

Sharing the works she uses for her face and body every day on Instagram, Jones said, “I use these works by mixing them with each other most of the time, but these are the works that feel most beautiful to my skin lately.” The interest in the followers and shares of Jones, who was approaching to become a social media phenomenon during the pandemic process, increased considerably. “I realize that these works are many and valuable,” says Jones. “But this routine soothes my skin, and proper skin is an investment in yourself.” he added.

Using 18 works almost daily, Jones categorizes these works as morning, body, wash / tonic / cleansing and night. Jones, whose favorite brands of sweetness we see are iS Clinical, Tata Harper, True Botanicals, Allies of Skin, Shani Darden, and Sisley-Paris, practices a rather extensive and lengthy ritual. So we’ll have to work as hard as Jones to get a skin like porcelain!

Strengthening the moisture barriers of her skin with moisturizing exfoliants, tonic facial mist, and moisturizing sprays, Jones prefers to use serum in her nightly pleasantness routine. “To what do you owe your beauty?” When we are asked, we usually see answers such as “Just water and good nutrition”. Glad to finally have an actress share her skincare secrets!