Eyebrow trend 2022: 6 tips for perfect coloring results

Fortunately, the era of narrow and thin eyebrows is over. Instead, we enjoy the growth of our eyebrows and prefer to use our eyebrows in a natural and thick way. But not everyone has full and obviously brows that make facial promises and promise more contours. The lighter colored ones, in particular, often have less dark, barely visible eyebrows.

How do you paint your eyebrows correctly?

You can have your eyebrows dyed at the hairdresser, beauty specialist or eyebrow bars, or you can dye them yourself. Whether from pharmacies, perfumeries or online shops – there are now many offers for paint kits. But just like with hair coloring, many things can go wrong when coloring eyebrows. The most valuable tips to protect you from undesirable color results..

1. Test compatibility beforehand

The colors and developer gels you apply to your eyebrows can sometimes irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. Some people are even allergic to colors. This can result in swelling around the eyes, severe redness and burning of the skin. Before painting your eyebrows, test the color on an inconspicuous area of ​​your skin. Apply a small amount to one area of ​​the body about a day or two before eyebrow dyeing and observe the reaction over the next few hours and days. If you do not see a visible or noticeable reaction, you can use the product on your eyebrows with faith.

2. Choosing the wrong color

To achieve the most natural result possible, you should not color your eyebrows too dark. The closer the color is to your natural brow, the finer your color result will be. Light types can go to medium blonde, light brown or graphite tones. Dark-haired people can choose a heavy brown shade. It is better to start with a lighter shade and gradually move towards a darker shade.

3. Prepare the skin and eyebrows

However, before applying for coloring, you should prepare your skin around your eyebrows and apply an oily cream. In this way, you prevent your skin from discoloration. Your eyebrows should be free of make-up and skin oils. Ideally, you should use some micellar water for this.

4. Apply eyebrow color truth

After mixing the colorant and developer gel together, you can carefully apply the color with a thin brush. Paint your eyebrows first on the growing side, then in the other direction. Make sure all hairs are evenly covered with color.

5. Actual exposure time

Depending on the color, the exposure time is in the middle of half a minute to exactly five minutes. The longer the color is applied, the darker it becomes. Light-colored hair usually absorbs color very quickly, so a short exposure time is sufficient.

6. Wash the eye color

After the desired exposure time, you should carefully remove the color with a damp cotton pad. Start with the eyebrow you painted first. Your eyebrows may become a little intense in the first few minutes.