Say goodbye to split ends in 5 steps

Split ends are a sign that dry and damaged hair ends are cracking.

If split ends are not treated, the longitudinal truth of the hair strands will spread more and more.

The most common cause of split ends is a lack of moisture.

Frequent dyeing, very hot styling with a hair dryer, a straightener or curling iron, incorrect hair care products and heavy sunlight can dry out your hair and cause the ends to fray.

Split ends cannot be repaired. Therefore, cut off damaged ends or have them trimmed properly.

Basically, you should go to the hairdresser systematically and trim your hair ends every six to eight weeks, this way you can prevent split ends in the long run.

To make time for a hairdresser appointment or to give brittle ends an extra dose of care and hydration for a short time, you can give a shot to the following tips and home improvement tactics.

These 5 tactics you will apply will save you from your broken hair ends and prevent its progress;

1. Apply oil to the ends of the hair

Coconut and olive oil aren’t just versatile foods in the kitchen. Strong oils are also great to use in your hair routine as they moisturize your brittle ends and restore shine. Put a small measure on your ends and let the oil sit for about an hour. Then wash it well.

2. Use proper care for your hair

Adjust the care according to the needs of your hair. Especially colored and dry hair should be pampered regularly with extra moisture. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly apply conditioner or hair care.

3. Do not blow dry your hair

Drying your wet hair on high heat after a shower? It’s not a good enough idea. Wet hair is much more sensitive than dry hair. Heavy terry towels can damage your hair structure and make it brittle. Instead, dry your hair gently or wrap it with a towel for a few minutes.

4. Sleep on a silk pillow

Thanks to the smooth surface of the silk pillowcases, there is less friction between the scalp and the hair compared to the classical cotton pillowcases. Result: Your hair will be smoother. In addition, your hair form will be smoother and brighter the next morning.

5. Tie up your hair more often

Is your hair always healthy and in contact with your clothes? Then you should collect more often now to prevent the ends from breaking. Because if the hair is always on your shoulders, the ends of your hair will always rub against your clothing, thus causing split ends. To avoid this, you can regularly style your hair with a loose braid. But do not use a metal hairpin. Coating damages your hair structure and can cause hair breakage. Elastic spiral rubbers would be more suitable.