With the coming of the new year, you may want to make small or big changes in your appearance. Especially if you are undecided about hair, you can take a look at this year’s short hairstyles and give your hair a new touch.

Short hairstyles with bangs, bangs or straight cuts provide harmony to many face types. While it helps to achieve a sympathetic look in petite women, it is the key to a cool appearance in tall women. You can add a different touch to your look by determining the most suitable model for your face structure from the middle of 2020 short hairstyles, and you can welcome the new year with new hair. Short hairstyles, which are in harmony with the office style in particular, provide many advantages in terms of maintenance. You can get a cool look by using short hairstyles with turtleneck sweaters, plush and cachet coats. While examining trend short hairstyles, you can get ideas about how the model will look on your face by actually curling your hair from the ends to ensure harmony with your facial nerves.

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If your forehead is wide, you can leave a messy forelock from the front or complete your hairstyle with a bang. In addition to the classic blunt parts, you can add volume to your hair by cutting the ends of your hair in layers, and you can get a contemporary and cool look in your style with the asymmetrical cut. Short hairstyles, which can be formed more easily than long hair, are in the middle of the most preferred hairstyles by women. The short hairstyle called bob helps to reveal your facial boundaries and make your hair look more voluminous. Pixie model hair is suitable for many styles and face shapes. With the help of foam or gel, you can simply get small waves, and you can easily blow-dry and prepare your hair for the day.

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You can get a nostalgic look by adding two herringbone braids to the blunt short hairstyles, and you can complete the combination with tiny hairpins or hair bands in the appropriate color for your outfit. You can add a new touch to your style with wet-looking short hairstyles that you can use with more masculine clothes such as a blazer jacket, shirt, trench coat or fabric trousers. For a wet hairstyle, you can wet the front of your hair slowly and fix your hair back with the help of a fixing spray.