We’ve come across many TikTok trends so far and we’re in the middle of trying them all up front. The trend of recent weeks aims to create an unexpected style through our tiredness. Intentionally putting on sleepy eye makeup after spending hours of nighttime treatments and our day masks to clear up sleepy eyes? Interesting! But why not? We can try this too.

The ‘Sleepy Eyes’ make-up, which came after the ‘Siren Eyes’ make-up, was in the middle of the top of TikTok in the past months. This trend, which wants us to embrace the tiredness that comes naturally, underlines this tiredness with an even darker make-up. It was a bit dire when you explained it that way… However, when you see the photos, we are sure that your opinion will change like us.

As a reminder, the ‘Siren Eyes’ make-up was made by applying a long dark and neutral eyeshadow around the eyes. This make-up style, which lengthened the eye state, created both an attractive and mysterious look. ‘Doe Eyes’, on the other hand, emphasized the opposite. This style, which makes the eyes rounder, was done by applying an illuminator to the corner of the eye and a cream-colored pencil to the eye line. Now, if we come to the ‘Sleepy Eyes’ make-up, this style is a mixture of the ‘Doe Eyes’ and ‘Siren Eyes’ make-ups we just mentioned!

We don’t want to argue that fatigue is a super style. But if the tired eyes will only remain as a make-up style, of course we can be okay with that! Below you can see how the ‘Sleepy Eyes’ makeup is done…


The ‘Sleepy Eyes’ makeup is essentially a darker look to the ‘Siren Eyes’ makeup. A style that draws the focus to the eye rather than elongating the eyes. Instead of elongating the eyeline, this TikTok trend aims to make the eye line more straight and angled. This make-up, shaped with gray tones, reminds you of a sleepless night! The hashtag #SleepyEyes, which has already reached 140 million views, has been tried by many celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Emma Chamberlain, Zoe Kravitz and Lily-Rose Depp. So what’s the common point here? Although the eyes seem a little longer, the eyeshadow is applied under more than one eye and the eye line becomes more rounded and even almond-shaped.


If your sleep system is huge and you never have tired eyes, you can try this makeup style. If your sleep is irregular, it’s time to embrace the dark color that comes naturally! Start applying the light shades of the Smokey eyeshadow palette to the outside of your eyelid and spread it. Then continue to draw the exact color under your eyes with a sharper brush. If you think you’ve applied enough eyeshadow, draw a true line from the outside of your eye to the inside with a black eyeliner. Likewise, create a reflection by pulling this pencil under your eyes. When all this is over, you can distribute the eyeliner and reach the ‘smokey’ look and apply your mascara. Be careful, don’t let this make-up make you sleepy!