What causes missing teeth causes many problems!

What causes missing teeth? Dentist Çağatay Kavaz gave valuable information about the subject. Lack of teeth is one of the health problems that are underestimated for more than one time and lack of knowledge about the problems that it will cause in the long term. While the missing teeth are tried to be removed quickly by our patients in the area that we call the aesthetic area, which is visible when smiling or talking, the same care may not be given in the posterior area where we chew.

I look at the missing tooth as the loss of a very critical organ that is used at least 3 times a day. Gum diseases, dental caries, trauma..etc. I strongly recommend that our patients who have lost their teeth for various reasons should also take care of it!

What can happen to us in the long-term tooth deficiency?

If the loss is one-sided, our patients always tend to do the chewing action with the lossless side. In the long run, this will create tooth and gum problems due to the multi-function of the chewing side and the very passivity of the side with missing teeth. If the loss is bilateral and not resolved, our patients tend to chew with their bones. Unfortunately, this will mean new tooth loss due to the destruction of the bone in that area. Of course, every condition of missing teeth is a harbinger of advanced jaw joint disorders that the dentistry world has not been able to solve completely now!

The teeth adjacent to the toothless area are knocked down, and the opposite teeth are getting longer. These undesirable movements completely disrupt our chewing connections, while at the same time causing significant irreversible damage to the surrounding bone. Stomach problems are very common due to foods that have been swallowed for years without being completely ground. Yes, a problem that starts in the mouth is wreaking havoc on your stomach!
Our teeth slide into the areas where there are missing teeth, and gaps are formed in the middle of the teeth. This results in new caries, dental plaque formation and bad breath due to nutrient accumulation!

If we try to explain all the damage caused by the lack of teeth to our mouth and general health, directly or indirectly, we can write volumes of books. I think that even the parts I have mentioned here are enough to understand that this is an important problem.

So what is analysis?

The analysis of missing teeth is bridge prostheses or dental implants. Since bridge prostheses are eroded on neighboring teeth and 3 or more teeth are designed in a combined form, meaning to damage adjacent healthy teeth, implants are now our first choice.

Dental implants are titanium cuts that are painlessly placed in the jawbones under local anesthesia. These modules will completely fuse with your bone after an average of 3 months and act as your tooth root. After this process, they will eliminate both aesthetic and functional deficiencies with one or more porcelain teeth to be placed on them.

Dental implants, which were a difficult treatment to reach with their astonishing costs in the past, can be made at very affordable prices due to the technology and increasing production in this field, as well as the competition created by hundreds of companies entering the global market again.

In order not to risk both your oral health and your physical health, I recommend you to care about your tooth deficiencies. While your teeth are your most expensive make-up in terms of aesthetics, they are the gateway to your body in terms of health. Let’s not forget that everything starts in the mouth!