What should be done for a clean skin?

Summer is coming, vacation plans are being made. So is your skin ready for it? Especially due to sunlight, we are fighting with facial spots, regardless of summer or winter. Stains, dark spots, redness are about to be an endless scourge. So what to do to avoid this problem? Let’s examine it together.

  • Do not say that there is no sun in winter, do not forget to apply your sunscreen in summer and winter. This is the most accurate assay possible to smoothen your skin.  
  • Make sure your skin is always clean. Use wash gel and wash.  

  • I will say don’t leave it without moisture, but our face is very sensitive, so do not apply anything that says cream on your face. Find the moisturizer that your skin absolutely needs and apply your moisturizing cream to your face with light movements before you completely dry your washed and cleaned face.  
  • The reason you can’t dry your face completely is to trap water in your skin and achieve better results.  
  • Do not apply coffee grounds to your face with the aim of softening it, the particles in it will cause your face to be scratched and the pores to multiply.  

  • Do not apply acidic products such as lemon on your face, it will enter the pores and cause your face to burn.  
  • While applying the cream, apply with small buffer movements and massage the upper truth.  
  • You can shock your face with ice water. You can keep your face in a large bowl of ice at obvious intervals. Your face will look more taut and bright.  

Apart from all these, the way to take care of your skin properly is through the works that are suitable for you. You can especially prefer natural products, so it is possible to stay away from chemicals as much as possible.