Witness the miracle of foods that stop hair loss!

Has your hair loss problem increased during the pandemic process? Hair loss; It can be caused by many reasons such as vitamin-mineral deficiencies such as vitamin D, biotin, folic acid, zinc, copper, iron, diseases, genetic factors, seasonal changes, tension, unhealthy weight loss. However, you can prevent hair loss by adding some foods to your diet. Don’t forget, giving an internal support against hair loss is much more useful and effective than the cosmetic products you will spend money on. Expert Dietician Aslıhan Küçük Budak listed these foods that will prevent hair loss and make you have stronger hair than before.

Apply to foods that reduce stress because…

If tension is the cause of your hair loss, adding foods that will improve your mood, such as milk, dark chocolate, banana, green tea, salmon, broccoli, and blueberries, can reduce your tension and reduce your hair loss. Consume avocado, mushroom, salmon, egg, peanut butter daily. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin and since it cannot be stored, foods rich in biotin such as avocados, mushrooms, salmon, eggs, peanut butter should be consumed daily. Iron deficiency is one of the most valuable causes of hair loss. Iron deficiency causes deficiency of hemoglobin, which helps to carry oxygen in the blood to the tissues and muscles.

If you are iron deficient, eat red meat and liver.

Red meat and liver are the richest sources of iron. Fish, chicken and turkey meat also contain valuable iron.

Do this to increase iron absorption

Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale also contain iron, but the absorption of plant-based iron is low. You can increase the absorption if you add fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C while consuming these foods.

Do not skimp on zinc to strengthen hair texture

Hair is made up of keratin, and keratin is formed by the combination of amino acids called methionine and cysteine, which is mediated by zinc. Therefore, you should add zinc sources to your diet, such as turkey meat, pumpkin seeds, cashews, legumes and seafood, which play a role in the healthy growth and development of hair tissue.

Do not use nutritional support according to your head!

In this period, the number of people using support to strengthen the immune system has increased considerably. It turns out that the supplements started without a doctor’s supervision may have side effects that may negatively affect health.
However, epidemiological studies and incident reports show that too much selenium exposure has significant side effects, and one of them is hair loss.
At the same time, hypervitaminosis A and E caused by multiple supplements can also cause hair loss.