No matter how much we deny it, our smartphones have almost become an organ of us. Even if we leave our phone in another room, we get a strange feeling, as if something is missing in our life. Is not it? Yes, we are trying to be productive, we are trying to reduce our screen time, but at the end of the day, we hug our phones again. We don’t know how healthy it is, but (probably not!) the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last thing we look at before going to bed: our phone!

Especially since we are in social isolation and we do not leave the house, our connection with our phones has become even stronger. That’s why, in addition to always looking at celebrities and influencers on Instagram, we have an efficient offer that you can do with your phone: Pleasure apps! Since we can’t go to the beauty salons and we let ourselves go a little with the belief that we will not leave the house, we take a look at the pleasantness applications! “I see that many of you are not sharing selfies because the beauty salons are closed.” We’re determined to mislead Snoop Dogg, who posted a photo with a caption. You can try digital applications to prove that we are as well-groomed as before the social quarantine when we are at home.

Joking aside, the applications you will see below; touches on many issues such as make-up and skin care, hair. You can try on your dream hair digitally, find a foundation suitable for your skin color, or apply the nail polish trends of Spring 2020 virtually… These applications that touch your photos with recommendations, images, tips and augmented reality are worth a look! Don’t forget to post lots of selfies and say hi to Snoop Dogg after you try these cuteness apps!


Ranking beauty products and brands from 0 to 10, the Think Dirty app helps you understand which products are healthy for your skin. You can review your beauty and skin care products with the Think Dirty application, which sorts the works according to different features.


You’ve been wanting to change the color of your hair for a long time, but can’t get enough of it? With the Garnier Color Match application, you can change your hair color digitally and determine the tone that suits your skin color.


There is so much to do during the social isolation period! If you can’t go to the hairdressers for a manicure, it’s time to specialize in this bet. You can try different patterns and colors by uploading a photo of your nails to the YouCam Nails app. You can reduce the misconceptions with this application instead of always removing your nail polishes and patterns that you don’t like with acetone.


“Is it the sun? The last time I saw the sun was 2 weeks ago!” You may be saying. You are not alone at all… The whole world may be complaining about anxiety. But wasted UV rays can affect you anywhere. If you go for a walk or run by following the social isolation rules, you may need to pay attention to UV rays. Therefore, it is useful to take precautions. With the UVLens application, you can determine the hours you will go out according to the UV light rates outside. The UVLens application, which analyzes your skin at the same time, determines the risk factors according to your skin tone. Let’s not get caught in harmful UV rays while escaping from the Corona virus!


The TroveSkin application, which starts with a test, determines your skin type. This app helps you to keep a skin care diary, with offers to solve your skin issues. TroveSkin, which determines what is good for your skin and what is not, follows your progress.


Looking at your moles may not be the world’s most pleasurable mission, but it’s still in the midst of things to do. MiiSkin makes it easy to analyze your moles. You can find out whether it carries a risk by uploading a photo of your moles that seem objectionable to your eyes to the application. We are sure you know that when we write a random problem on the internet, we come across with great scenarios. For this reason, what we want to underline in the MiiSkin application is that the application follows the developments and makes offers instead of making a diagnosis.


Can’t find a foundation that matches your skin color? Do not worry! It has an analysis, and it’s digital! Plum Perfect app recommends the most suitable works for you by analyzing the photo you uploaded and looking at your face form, skin color, lips, eyes and hair. While we are immersed in online shopping, you can try Plum Perfect to choose the right works.


The Spruce application, which brings you together with doctors and experts, allows you to make image conversations or correspondence with physicians according to your complaint. Since it is not possible to visit a dermatologist at the moment, you can get answers to your questions from the Spruce app.


It can be difficult to find the right products for your skin, as we have to buy makeup works without trying more than once, and we have to buy them without trying everything in social isolation right now. With the Sephora Virtual Artist application, you can try the works of many brands on your photo and read the recommendations from Sephora make-up experts.


Style My Hair, L’Oreal’s 3D hair color application, brings your dream hair to reality. You can find the hairstyle you are looking for with the Style My Hair application, which creates a very realistic view by detecting the movement and shape of your hair with artificial intelligence technology.