Drawing attention to the fact that implant treatment can be done more comfortably in today’s technology, Dentist Dr. Murat İnce talked about the things that are curious about the implant treatment that can be done without stitches and incisions.

Implants can be referred to as screws placed in the jawbone of patients who have lost their teeth for various reasons in the easiest way. The treatment, which is performed by placing prostheses in the appearance of teeth on the screws, which are mostly made of titanium due to their strength and come to the fore with their durability, is called implant treatment. The most valuable reasons why many patients do not have implant treatment despite their need are incisions and stitches during implant treatment. The fact that incisions and stitches will be made in the mouth may cause implant treatment to be evaluated as a painful and frightening process.

As a result of technological advances in the field of dentistry, it is now possible to apply without the incisions and stitches used in classical implant treatment. Implant treatment with seamless laser, also known as Flapless Surgery, plays a valuable role in increasing the comfort of patients during the beautification process.

Seamless Laser Implant Treatment
The planning of implant treatment with seamless laser begins by taking the patient’s mouth and tooth measurements by tomography. With the measurements taken, the 3D view of the bones and soft tissues is transferred to the digital environment. Implants to be placed in the edentulous area or areas are digitally placed in their ideal places in the computer environment. Since the implants are positioned in 3D, there is no need to surgically open the area in the patient’s mouth. The digital planning made allows the implant to be placed without the need to open the area during the operation with special transfer keys prepared for the patient. Since the bone is analyzed in 3D without the need to see it with the naked eye, the implants can be placed in the patient’s mouth with the help of stents as planned to be placed on the computer.

Advantages of Seamless Laser Implant Treatment
In laser implant treatment, since no incision is made in the patient’s mouth and no stitches are placed in this incision, no damage occurs as a result of random tissue strain, and a more atraumatic operation process is experienced. In this way, the patient’s comfort and a much faster smoothing process are ensured during the smoothing process following the treatment.

Since no incisions and stitches are made in the implant treatment with the seamless laser, tissue injuries are eliminated, the risk of infection is reduced, and swelling due to edema does not occur after the operation. The patient does not feel any pain during the beautification process after the treatment. The laser implant technique does not damage the patient’s bone tissue, does not cause thermal damage, and bone union occurs at a high level after the operation. Seamless laser implant treatment, which can be used in patients with kidney and liver problems and in patients with low pain threshold, provides very successful results in diabetics, those who use blood thinners, individuals with low body resistance and prone to infection, and cancer patients at a reasonable level.