At the end of last year, Hailey Bieber said that her new brand of sweetness called ‘Rhode’ will be on sale soon. Bieber, who said that he was in the working stage, although he did not give much details, gave hints that the wait is over with his latest Instagram post! Posing in a nude bikini with her moist skin and natural glow, Bieber tagged Rhode’s Instagram account.

The Rhode account, which has no posts yet, but has close to 70,000 followers, is ready to introduce Bieber’s new collection! Preferring simplicity in his style in the photos he shared, Bieber posed with only tiny earrings and his impressive engagement face. “Glazed donut skin through 2022. Tell a friend,” wrote Bieber, posing with a mattress and under-eye mask from his brand at the same time.

Bieber, who has been working on the new sweetness brand for a while, received the trademark registration of the name ‘Rhode’ in 2021. Stating that his brand will cover a wide selection of products such as beauty, bath, pleasantness cream, personal care products, cosmetics, make-up, perfume, hair care and skin care, Bieber said in his YouTube question and answer video, “I will not be mysterious on this bet, we have been working for Rhode for a very long time. And we are approaching the final. It’s coming in 2022 and I’m very, very excited, that’s all I can say for now.”