New skin care suggestion that went viral on Tiktok!

Water Cleansing

The new trend is actually a process that most of us do routinely: Washing your face! Yes, you heard it right, face washing has now gone viral on tiktok. How can an action that is done so easily and as we all wake up in the morning be recognized as something new?

Purpose of Water Cleansing

The goal of this method, which is made with only water, is to maintain the moisture stability of your skin. Tiktokers warn when using this system: Wash your face only with water without using any traces. In the evening, you can use your routine care products such as tonic. As we can see from here, this trend was against the skin care trends in which different works were used. You know that nowadays, everyone is applying dozens of works at once under the title of “skin care”. It is really not wise to put so many works on the skin. Do not get caught up in these trends. The event called Water Cleansig is actually a process we do automatically.