No more lip dryness and cracking!

Lip cracking is especially common in cold and dry weather and can cause painful cracks on the lips if precautions are not taken. In addition to the weather, dry lips, which occur as a result of irritating movements, certain issues and similar issues, cause bleeding as well as cracks. Some measures should be taken to eliminate the situation in question. There are many effective methods that can be done at home in order to moisturize the lips. So what are the causes of lip dryness and cracking? Here are the best methods for lip drying and cracking…

Causes of chapped lips

Lip cracking often happens to everyone. This situation, which is not aesthetically pleasing to us, is actually physically uncomfortable. lip cracking; It is a condition characterized by visible cracks and crevices on the surfaces of the lips, sometimes bleeding and pain from these cracks. Lip skin is the thinnest and most sensitive part of the skin surrounding the body and does not contain sebaceous glands. Therefore, it is more susceptible to damage. Lip cracking, which often has no significant causes, may indicate an infection in some cases.

How to cure lip dryness and cracking?

The cracking that occurs as a result of drying can cause pain such as burning and stinging on the lips. You may also find it difficult to eat. These problems, which are not treated for a long time, may increase the severity of wounds and pain in the following periods. It is possible to treat undesirable dryness and cracks on the lips at home. Here’s how to get rid of dry and cracked lips? You can find the answers to your question under this heading.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

Dehydration of the body causes an increase in dryness and cracks in the lips due to fluid loss. Therefore, increasing fluid intake during the day is very valuable for both your skin health and your body health. Do not forget to consume 8-10 glasses of water a day for the moisture requirement of your lips.

Add exfoliating and lip masks to your routine

Some individuals may always bite and lick their lips for reasons such as tics. In other words, individuals are not aware that they are doing this. Although licking dry lips may seem like a savior for the moment, it actually creates a vicious circle. The saliva destroys the moisture from the lips, as it evaporates, your lips actually become drier. Do not bite and irritate your lips. To prevent irritation, you can beautify your lips daily with natural procedures at home such as sugar peeling, coffee grounds peeling. You can also buy lip care masks from cosmetic stores and protect your lips from cracking.

Moisturize constantly and keep it fit

It may be helpful to have a humidifier at home, especially if you are breathing through your mouth while you sleep. Use moisturizer and Vaseline on your lips during the day and especially at night before going to sleep. You will both breathe more easily and prevent your lips from drying and cracking.