Protect your eye health while applying makeup

The most practical application that women apply to look nice and feel neat is make-up. There are many works to highlight cheeks, lips and eyes, to make eyes look bigger, to reveal their color, or to cover eye strain while applying make-up. In the world of cosmetics, new works come out every day, trends are always renewed. Eye Health Specialist Op. Dr. Ozgur Gozpinar; He states that if eye make-up is not done correctly, eye health can be endangered and he gives some warnings to women.

Eye Health Specialist Op. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar states that using unsanitary artifacts while applying make-up or incorrectly applying real artifacts can cause permanent damage. Some of these are conjunctivitis due to infection caused by scratching the cornea, using expired or unhygienic equipment, or keratoconjunctivitis, which is a more severe picture. In addition, allergic reactions may develop depending on the equipment used.

Stay away from fabricated artifacts sold in markets

Stay away from the brand works that are sold very cheaply in the neighborhood markets, scattered on the stalls. Since these are invalid artifacts whose production conditions are not controlled, they pose invaluable risks to both your skin and eye health. Only buy branded items from their real distributor (distributor) or their own store. When your budget is not enough, turn to affordable but brand new works.

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Kiss. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar states that he has been frequently applied to his clinics lately with ailments related to the application of false eyelashes. Both allergic and chemical damaging reactions of adhesives to tissues can occur as a result of false eyelashes applications. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary not to use the expired works and other works when applying make-up. Another valuable issue is the side works; eyeshadow, lipstick, blush etc. It’s about the hygiene of the brushes used when applying the materials. At this point, experts underline that even if the make-up person uses his own make-up material, he should not use these works with brushes related to others.

Don’t sleep with your makeup on!

Another valuable element for eye health is to sleep with makeup on. Make-up must be removed before going to sleep and rinsed with water after using the cleaning solution.

Experiment with disposable test artifacts

While testing make-up works in stores, disposable trial works should definitely be used, and works that are inspected for everyone should not be tested.

Mascara should be applied especially to the outer lines of the lash bases. When applied in this state, the occlusion of the mouths of the oil and sweat glands in the eyelid is prevented.

Lens wearers should be more careful

Contact lens wearers should be even more careful while wearing makeup. Users should apply make-up after wearing their lenses and should definitely remove their lenses before removing make-up.