Aurelia Germanium Roller, a pleasant and caring product with anti-aging effect for face and body, is used on forehead, cheeks, décolleté area, upper arm, hand, neck, shoulder and upper spine and calf areas. When a region is massaged for 30-45 seconds every day, it delays the effects of aging. The anti-aging effect comes from the unique rhythmic rolling motion. When you roll the hexagonal rollers all over your skin, it supports blood circulation, tightens the skin, regulates the skin tone and offers a healthier, younger-looking skin.

Aurelia Germanium Roller, which supports blood circulation, contains 24 massage stones containing germanium powder. Germanium powder, which is very rare in nature, tightens the skin. Due to its semiconducting properties, Germanium helps to rebalance and increase the body’s power levels with its ability to emit negative electrons. Germanium facilitates the transmission of oxygen through cellular membranes and increases the oxygen content in the blood.

Aurelia Germanium Roller, which does not lose its effect for years and does not need to be charged with electricity or batteries, is only on sale at