Hair loss is one of the hair problems of many users and there are multiple factors that cause hair loss. First of all, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition lead to hair loss, and users with iron deficiency lose more hair. On the other hand, a heavy work tempo and the tension caused by it cause more hair loss. In addition, weak and thin hair falls out more easily as it is more sensitive to environmental factors and pollution.

Protein, vitamin B or vitamin A deficiency is also one of the causes of hair loss. The hair loss problem, which is the most valuable and the users suffer the most, is a problem that can be solved with obvious herbal treatments. However, at this point, users should avoid the tension factor and show the necessary attention to their hair. There are some plants that are sufficient for hair loss and they can be listed as follows…

Spinach, arugula and chard, also called green leafy plants, are suitable for hair loss. The iron rate in these plants largely meets the iron deficiency that the body needs, and this stops the hair from falling out over time and strengthens the hair.

Fruits such as orange, tangerine, grapefruit, watermelon, which are very high in vitamin C, strengthen the users’ immune system and protect the hair against environmental factors.

Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin E is also one of the things that are good for hair loss. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts meet the body’s need for vitamin E, which strengthens the hair.

Yogurt, which is one of the natural foods, is one of the most valuable assistants that nourish the hair base and ensure healthy hair growth. The protein and calcium contained in yoghurt ensure that the hair regains its former health and shedding less in the use of regular yoghurt. In addition, foods such as chicken and turkey, which are strong in terms of protein, also strengthen the hair by meeting the protein requirement of the body.

Carrots and garlic are also good for hair loss. In particular, garlic and garlic-based care products nourish the hair base from root to tip, minimizing hair loss.

Effective result against hair loss with herbal ingredients
One of the herbal ingredients actively used against the problem of hair loss is various oils. It is possible to get effective results when herbal oils or herbal cures are used regularly and hair care is done. Some of the vegetable oils that are sufficient for hair loss can be listed as follows…

Since almond oil contains vitamin E, applying it to the hair once a week provides visible results in a short time.

Lavender oil is added to boiling water and boiled for 5 minutes and the hair is washed in the cooled water and waited for a while. Thanks to this mixture, which is applied every 2 weeks, visible results are obtained in a short time.

One of the vegetable oils is coconut oil. The minerals in this oil nourish the hair and the problem of hair loss is eliminated with systematic use.

One of the oils that gives the most effective results from hair loss problems is argan oil. This oil ensures that the hair is broken and strengthened in systematic use.

Pine turpentine oil is applied to the hair at least once a week and the hair is rinsed after approximately 30 minutes. This product, which nourishes the hair, minimizes the problem of hair loss over time.

The most valuable vegetable oil is olive oil, and olive oil, which is used with other vegetable oils or alone, prevents the dryness of the hair, moisturizes the hair and makes the hair shine. Applying olive oil to the hair at least once a week is one of the most effective ways against hair loss in the long run.


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