What should be in your hair care routine

Great looking hair starts with creating a personalized hair care routine. You should determine this based on your hair type and what you want. Determine the basic works to look after your hair every day or every night. Finding the best hair care routine for more than one person takes some trial and error, as there is no one-size-fits-all care for every hair type, texture, length or style. But if you want to know how to have healthy hair, ask the professionals.

What should be in your hair care routine

According to celebrity stylist Mia Santiago, many people have four main elements in their hair care routine: cleansing, conditioning, thermostyling and drying. This does not mean that your hair care routine should have all these ingredients. According to Santiago, the number of steps and techniques you may need to follow in each of these ingredients depends on the hair type.


For all hair types, the suction of the cleanness should be scalp centered. “Hair health starts in the scalp,” explains Santiago. “Therefore, it is worthwhile to clean it thoroughly and remove any impurities.” For people with fine hair, this is usually not a big deal. Make accurate foam from the nape to the ends. For those with thicker hair, wet it, then comb it and divide it into sections so that when you apply your shampoo it penetrates the scalp better. You should have the frequency of washing depending on the structure of your hair. People with thicker hair “must use moisturizing products and use hair oil consistently,” says King Carter, a renowned stylist who has worked with Duckie Thot and Megan Thee Stallion. Those with finer hair should avoid oils and use a volumizing shampoo.


Always continue to clean your hair with conditioner to restore the moisture removed by the shampoo. For people with finer hair, Santiago should apply conditioner from the ends of your hair to the top and never to the roots. A neat moisturizing base for coarse hair. This means increase or decrease the conditioner depending on how dehydrated your hair is.

Heat and shaping

No matter what type of hair you have, if you use hot styling tools (like straighteners, diffusers, or curlers), you should use some type of thermal shield. And be sure to follow other heat styling guidelines to help protect your hair. For example, to use the lowest possible heat to get the results you want.

Drying without heat

It is also sufficient to keep your hair away from the heat. But if you air dry your hair, that doesn’t mean “leave it alone”. If your hair is thicker, you will want to use a heavier work to lock in moisture and get the look you want. You can use heavier creams and oils. You can use mousse to make thinner hair look healthy and bouncy.

Things you shouldn’t do to your hair

The texture of your hair should determine your hair routine more than anything else. However, there are some habits that everyone should stay away from, regardless of hair type. If these habits are included quite often in your own hair care routine, you should quit as soon as possible. These are just some general guidelines and tips for healthy hair.

– To really start taking care of your hair “wrong” Don’t wait until you see something. Do not start hair care when your hair is damaged. You should always have a maintenance routine.

– Cut your hair properly. Even if you’re trying to lengthen your hair, regular trimmings will help keep your hair healthy. carter, “Regular grooming and professional hair parts actually cause hair growth”says.

Using too much shampoo on oiled hair will cause your hair to wear out. While it may be tempting to wash a scalp that produces too much oil every day, it’s simply not true, according to Jonathan – Colombini, creative director of L’Oréal Paris Style & Color who has worked with Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. “Don’t wash your hair every day if it tends to get greasy fast”says. “This leads to excess oil production, making the hair oilier and less burdensome. I recommend dry shampoo on non-wash days.”

– Your hair must be absolutely dry while styling. Bobby Eliot, who has worked with Hailee Steinfeld and Jena Malone, “The hair must be completely dry so that the heat does not waste it” he explains. Always styling hair with heat causes dryness, brittle, damaged and split hair.

– Incorrect combing of hair. Believe it or not, there is a real way to comb your hair: No matter what your hair texture is, you should comb it from bottom to top without fail. Michael Long, who has worked with Lizzy Caplan and Alexandra Daddario, “Instead, start at the ends and ditch the tangles there first. Then proceed real to root. This way, you reduce split ends and curly split ends.”says.

– Using too much artifacts slows down hair growth. santiago, “The whole point of washing your hair is to remove dirt” he explains. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to how much work you practice daily. A product that many people use a lot is dry shampoo. Sunnie Brook, who has worked with Katie Lowes and Anna Faris, “If you use dry shampoo or texture spray more than twice a week, you are likely drying out your scalp, which can make hair weaker and more prone to breakage.”he explains.