Beauty secrets on the beach from Hamiyet Akpınar

The indispensable name of celebrities, make-up artist Hamiyet Akpınar, has always listed the essentials of natural beauty for your make-up applications on the beaches in summer.
Master make-up artist Hamiyet Akpınar shared her secrets for small touches that will not compromise your beauty on the beaches. Hamiyet Akpınar reminded at every opportunity that investing in a pleasant skin is a protection from the sun, and said that factor-conserving BB cream or colored sunscreens save lives on the beaches.
Here are the tricks of beach makeup to enjoy your holiday with a smooth and lively image from Hamiyet Akpınar…

Beach makeup tricks from Hamiyet Akpınar


  • Before applying BB cream, you can get a bright look by choosing a set of make-up to make your face shine.
  • Liquid blushes, bronzing powders to add color to your cheeks, gel eyeshadow and waterproof mascara for your eyes will be your savior.
  • Natural toned lip glosses and eyebrow fixers are also ideal for beach makeup!
  • In order to combat sunspots, you should use waterproof pate creams with thin structures and sun protection to reduce the appearance of spots.
  • Since our skin loses water in summer, drink plenty of fluids and moisturize your skin heavily.
Alternative suggestions to waterproof make-up works

Akpınar, who mentioned that the works of many brands known as permanent can flow on some skins due to heat, therefore, at the point where we think that make-up is the norm, a suitable permanent make-up can also be done in a correct beauty center. He said that using eyebrow mascara and eyebrow mascara provides a fresh look on the beaches.