Romantic look with essence makeup trends

On Valentine’s Day, the day of love and affection, your clothes, hair, and make-up are as important as gifts. On this special day, you can get an eye-catching look with your outfit and make-up. Make-up works that you can easily apply essence’s 2019 make-up trends will also draw attention to you.

The most romantic day of the year is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day. In a special way that you love your love and affection
Valentine’s Day gains even more meaning for those who want to express it.

Those who want the make-up that complements the outfit to be special, can choose the prominent trends of 2019 and get an attractive look. essence accompanies Valentine’s Day make-up with its latest creations, from glittering nail polishes to lipsticks that will add charm to the lips and headlights that will accentuate the eyes.

Those who want to preserve the natural lines on their face while doing Valentine’s Day make-up and those who favor simplicity can choose the essence insta perfect liquid make-up, which naturally covers all the imperfections of the face with its matte and thinness. You can add a glow to your face in pastel tones with Essence’s go for the glow highlighter palette in three different colors of pink, cream and turquoise tones. It is possible to capture the holographic effects, which increase the effect even more in 2019 makeup trends, with the palette.

Eyes and lips are more attractive

Undoubtedly, the eyes are indispensable for an effective make-up. If you want to increase the effect of your eyes on this special day, essence melted chrome eye shadows; silver, copper, skin, rose, gray and
will help you with blue-violet tones.

You can also complete your eye make-up with essence i need a miracle, which extends the lashes extra and adds volume. You can balance your mascara, which you will use heavily, with the lipstick of your choice.

Essence melted chrome liquid lipstick in liquid form with its molten metal appearance is both one and only.
You can apply it on your head as well as over your lipsticks.

Let your nails shine
If you want to make a difference on this special day, you can apply the highlights of the 2019 makeup trends to your nails. The glow of cosmic lights is the essence of cosmic lights nail polish.
You can feel it on your nails with silver, gold, pink, purple, blue color options. Essence works; Rossmann, T-shop, eveshop, as well as selected Watsons stores and can be reached.


  • essence i need a miracle! volumizing & strengthening mascara price: 26.98 TL
  • essence melted chrome eyeshadow price: 23.25 TL
  • essence melted chrome liquid lipstick price: 21.75 TL
  • essence insta perfect liquid make up price: 34.95 TL
  • essence cosmic lights nail polish price: 19.45 TL
  • Essence go for the glow highlighter palette price: 46.75 TL