How to choose clothes according to skin tone, fuchsia is compatible with every skin!

We ladies, whether our color tone is dark or light, we want every color to suit us. You are free to dress in any color you want, but there are some colors that are suitable for everyone no matter what skin tone we have. You don’t have to hesitate when using clothes in these colors “does it suit me”! Here are those perfect colors!


Fuchsia, which is a mixture of dark and light colors, is one of the colors that suits everyone, regardless of skin color. It is an option that is dark enough not to overshadow your skin tone, but bright enough to add color. It is possible to create a warm yet cool look by combining your fuchsia colored clothes with white or beige.

gray tones

Charcoal tones are an exquisite alternative that can be preferred over black and quickly matched with any color. Another offer for the charcoal color is another gray tone. You should definitely have a few charcoal cuts that create a neutral color perception from dresses to sneakers.

cobalt blue

Cobalt blue, one of the favorite colors of the ancient Egyptians, is one of the colors you should definitely use. You should have a cut of this color suitable for every occasion in every season in your closet. For example, a cobalt blue skirt and a white blouse or a cobalt blue blazer with skinny jeans and short ankle boots are both classic and risk-free combinations.


Emerald green outfits harmonize with every skin tone and make it look quite lively. Our combination offer for an emerald green top will be a black pencil skirt or dark jeans.

Dark blue

Dark blue, which is close to navy blue, which is one of the stylish and classic colors, looks compatible with almost any color clothes and skin tone. It doesn’t make you look pale or lifeless. Every woman should definitely have a blazer in these shades and a dress she would like to wear to the office.

teal blue

Teal is commonly known as teal blue. Teal color is a slightly dark greenish blue color. Like its distant cousin emerald green, teal blue is one of the colors that will not disappoint you.


The color purple, which represents the color of nobility and used by royal families, should be your go-to. Purple, where red and blue tones meet, is one of the colors that will make you look colorful and lively.