TikTok’s biggest trend that took over Hollywood: Glass hair

This new trend, which has been on everyone’s radar from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez and is spreading fast on TikTok, combines ultra-smooth hair with heavy shine. The result: shiny and soft hair like glass!

Smooth and frizz-free hair

The main goal of the glass-like hair trend is to achieve smooth, non-frizz-free long hair. If you want to apply the glass hair trend at home, you can use the products that are specially developed for long-hungry hair and will make your hair smoother and brighter. Feature Castor oil and keratin-containing products are very effective for making your long hair look smooth and shiny.

Prefer water-based products

The first step to achieve the glass hair look at home is to prepare your hair with a shampoo and conditioner produced for long hair. Afterwards, you can benefit from hair care waters, which is a rising trend, to get smooth hair on TikTok. Hair care waters, thanks to the Lamellar technology they contain, structure the hair surface and provide you with smoother, brighter and softer hair. They will not weigh your hair down as they are water-based products at the same time.

Dry your hair on one side

You should dry your hair straight after taking care of it in the shower. For a smoother and brighter appearance, you can dry your hair on one side, namely down, by attaching a narrow nozzle to the dryer. You can go over your hair with a straightener to get as smooth a look as possible. Before doing this, do not forget to use a serum that makes your hair smooth and straight, and also protects against heat. By using hair serum, you can also prevent your hair from becoming electrified and frizzy. Remember, the goal is for your hair to be maximally smooth and shiny without weighing, frizz or frizz!