Natural beauty secrets

Nowadays, everyone has started to invest in aesthetics. We are never against aesthetics, of course, everyone should do as much as they feel comfortable, of course, but I am one of those who say that naturalness is always the best. If you think like me, 7 golden rules to be well-groomed but natural..

believe you are beautiful

What could be more natural and more pleasant than a confident lady? Remember that one of the flaws of a confident lady is pleasant.

Take care of your health

This is the biggest basis for being a natural pleasant. This doesn’t just mean eating yogurt and muesli. You should also be fed consistently at the same time. Dance, start walks with your friends.

Cleanse your skin

You can use natural products such as rosemary oil for acne, spots and pimples. Consume more vegetables and fruits. Store vitamins D and C. After hot water, wash your face with cold water and use an alcohol-free cleanser. Don’t forget to use sunscreen too.

beautiful healthy hair

Hair is always the perfect way to get attention. The healthier and more pleasant you are, the more pleasant your hair will look. Burning your hair; Before processes such as blow-drying and curling irons, definitely apply a protective spray. Your hair is your treasure.

brush your teeth

What could be more natural than a beautiful smile? Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a restorative toothpaste. This brushing method reduces your cavities and gum problems. Do not forget to apply to your dentist for inspection twice a year. Avoid acidic and caffeinated drinks as much as possible to keep your teeth white. you are ridiculously beautiful

Don’t overdo your makeup

You can easily color your face with a tinted moisturizer, a light mascara, a transparent or pink lipstick, and a cream blush.

Don’t be sleep deprived, get your sleep

Sleep! Sleeping is perfect, but we don’t sleep properly. Experts say that 9 hours of sleep is the ideal time. Definitely stop eating 2 hours before bedtime. If you don’t want to have a restless night, don’t consume caffeine either.

Remember that you are also nice with your flaws.